Joining Sessions

Registration. In order to access and use any of the features available on the Dryfta platform, you need to create an account and then obtain a valid ticket. Poster presenters and contributed speakers must pay a registration fee of $75. There is no registration fee for general attendees or coauthors, but 'purchasing' a free Attendee ticket is still required to attend any session.

Oral Sessions. We will be using Zoom webinars for all oral sessions, including the parallel symposia. The link to each oral session, together with information on the speakers and moderators, can be found in the interactive program. At the end of each presentation, you can ask questions by using either the 'raise hand' or 'Q&A' feature of Zoom. When you raise your hand, the moderator will unmute you so you can ask a question live. If you submit a question via the Q&A window, the moderator may direct your question to the speaker. 

If you are attending a session as a speaker or a moderator, you must have received a separate email containing a link to attend your session as a 'panelist'. All presentations will be recorded and become available on the conference website viewable only by registered attendees.

Poster Sessions. We will be using the interactive program hosted on the conference platform for poster sessions. All posters will be available throughout the whole week and will be assigned to 5 sub-sessions (A, B, C, D, E). Poster presenters will be available for live interactions during the three live poster sessions. The first letter in poster presentation title is the sub-session ID. 

To attend a poster sub-session, please make sure you log into your account and check-in that sub-session. Both poster PDF slides and videos can be viewed by clicking the buttons underneath the poster title (or under the 'Slides' tab on the right). Attendees can ask questions to a specific presenter through the "Q&A" tab on the right of the webpage by choosing the presenter from the "Select a Speaker" drop-down menu. The presenter will receive notifications through a notification message within the session or through email if not in the session. Presenters will reply to the question by going to the "Unanswered" tab under the "Q&A" tab, selecting their name, and clicking on the "Answer" button. The questioner is notified through email once the presenter has posted an answer. This feature remains available even after the session is concluded.

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