Invited Conference Speakers

Jeffrey L. Blackburn, NREL, U.S.A. -   "SWCNT Heterojunctions with Low-Dimensional Perovskites for Novel Optoelectronic Functionality and Devices"             

Adam Boies, University of Cambridge, U.K. -  "Pushing the Bounds of CNT Floating Catalyst Synthesis: Quality versus Quantity"

Yuan Chen, University of Sydney, Australia -  "Carbon Nanomaterial Enabled Oxygen Electrocatalysts"        

Fei Wei, Tsinghua University, China -  "Directed Evolution of Carbon Nanotube Growth and Its Unique Properties"    

Jing Kong, MIT, USA - "Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Materials via Chemical Vapor Deposition"

Ralph Krupke, Karlsruhe IT, Germany -  "Electroluminescence from Graphene-Contacted (7,5) Carbon Nanotubes with Defects"      

Yoshihiro Iwasa, University of Tokyo, Japan - "Symmetry Engineering in Nanotubes and Heterostructures of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"

Alain Penicaud, CNRS Bordeaux, France  

Sarah Haigh, University of Manchester, United Kingdom - "Developing Wwisted, Stacked 2D Heterostructures with Atomic Resolution In Situ Imaging and Vice-Versa"   

James M. Tour, Rice University, U.S.A. - "Flash Graphene. Trash to Treasure"

Zhiping Xu, Tsinghua University, China - "Morphogenesis' of Assembled Carbon Nanostructures towards High-Performance Materials"

Masako Yudasaka, Meijo University/AIST, Japan - "Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissues by Using Carbon Nanotubes as NIR Fluorescent Probes" 

Jong-Hyun Ahn, Yonsei University, Korea

Markita del Carpio Landry, University of California, Berkeley, USA - "Carbon Nanotubes Enable Delivery of Biomolecules to Plants Without Transgene Integration"

Seung Min Kim, KIST, Korea

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